is to instill an appreciation and enthusiasm for music, help children reap the rewards of music education and to support and enrich the music programs of schools in our community.

Musical Direction for Life

Participating as a student musician in an instrumental music program pays dividends for the rest of your life. Learning skills that allow us to express creativity without technical inhibitions builds confidence, self-esteem and a willingness to challenge ourselves with new ideas. We learn that individual dedication to any task helps us become a valuable contributing member of a successful team. Each individual is responsible for preparation, listening, non-verbal communication and supporting their teammates to create an outstanding musical ensemble.

Musicians in an instrumental ensemble learn to trust each other as they create a product that is larger than themselves. They also learn to adhere to direction from a conductor, while maintaining their own musical identity. Performing as an instrumental musician challenges all of our senses. We must constantly strive for a higher degree of achievement and encourage those around us to do the same.

In short, students who learn the skills to succeed as a musician are better prepared to develop the skills to succeed in life.

Newly Appointed CEO

Mi-Young Shin

Mi-Young Shin
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